Chardine Taylor Stone is an award winning cultural producer, writer and feminist activist.  Her work is inspired by her experiences as a Black British working class woman having found her voice through alternative subcultures like Punk and Rockabilly. She was featured in The Voice newspaper as one of the Women Who Rocked the World in 2015, Diva Magazine’s  LGBT Power List 2016 and Buzzfeed’s ‘The Most Inspiring British LGBT People Of 2016‘.

In May 2017 Chardine won the British LGBT Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ life’.

Chardine is also the founder of Black Girl’s Picnic, a movement in collective self care for Black women and girls, and Stop Rainbow Racism which works to stop racist performances in LGBTQ venues.

As a writer, educator and commentator Chardine uses music, art and fashion history to instigate socio-political analysis. She often lectures and facilitates workshops on topics such as Black / Working Class feminism, Black Queer identities, Afrofuturism, music subculture histories and Black involvement in the esoteric, weird and downright bizarre!

She is regularly asked to speak and consult on these topics for media such as Channel 4 news, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, London Live and TedXTottenham as well as film/culture festivals, conferences and art institutions such as the BFI, Tate Modern, ICA and British Library. She also bangs the drums in Black feminist punk band Big Joanie.

Chardine is also a board member for the Museum of Homelessness and Duckie Youth. 

Current project!
Missing Words: Black women in British Youth Subcultures

The Story of Black Britain is often told through the genres of Reggae, Hip Hop, Jungle and Grime. But what of those who walked a different musical path? Those Black British women who became Teds, Mods, Rockabillies, Punks and even Goths! Combining the history of British youth culture and Black Feminist theory, Missing Words tells an alternative story of Black British identity and the creation of multicultural Britain as we see it today!
Chardine aims for this to be her first book and you can support it’s development through her Patreon!

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  1. Hi Chardine, I’d like to have a chat with you about a programme I am making for late night woman’s hour. Is there a number I can call you on, please? Many thanks. Rebecca

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