Lectures and Workshops

Some examples of past lectures and workshops:


Decolonising Rock Music
How did a music that was seen as solely African-American become the reserve of White middle aged men with beards working in record shops? Thinking about Black music history is more than just listing names not known in the mainstream, who is remembered, who is forgotten and why?  This talk was given at SOAS university as part of the Decolonising Our Minds Society programme.

Afrofuturism 101
Afrofuturism is sci fi that addresses Black themes through sci-fi and futurology. With examples as varied as Sun Ra, Janelle Monae, Octavia Butler, and Brother from Another Planet, and covering film, music, literature, fashion and technoculture, Afrofuturism is truly a vast multiverse of non-Western creativity.  This talk covers the basics, including the politics and possibilities beyond the funk and mysticism.
Afrofuturism 101 Starter Pack

Punk Sistahs of Sound: Black Feminism in Music
A journey through the history of Black women musicians who were punk before punk and Black women who made waves in alternative music. 

Punk as a Survival strategy: Forging an Identity on the Margins
Do punk rockers grow up to be estate agents? A look at how alternative subcultures develop our identities, tastes, politics and values. Punk is political and personal.


DIY or Die: How to Start a Punk Band and Make Change

DIY or Die: How to Start a Punk Band and Make Change in these tense political times activists begin looking to their strengths to display the variety of ways that we can resist against oppressive forces. Big Joanie discuss how to start a band, why we started as a DIY punk band and how that outlook has affected our band, how you can use music as a creative outlet and how to bring an intersectional outlook to your band. Participants learn basic vocal warm ups  and are encouraged to bring pots and pans and make lots of noise and write a simple song.  Please contact Big Joanie on our Facebook page to book.

What is Intersectionality?
Using music, art and fashion and points to drive discussions around race, gender and class. This workshop get’s participants thinking about intersectional feminism outside of an academic context and how it manifests in our day to day lives.

Wisdom Circles
First used at the Black British Feminism conference in Brixton, wisdom circles provide a far more intimate and connected experience than a standard workshop or talk. There is no particular authority in the circle and so participants are encouraged to engage with topics on both an emotional and intellectual level sharing and learning from each other. Chardine facilitated a wisdom circle and picnic at the ICA on the films of Josephine Decker as part of a one day symposium in collaboration with the Independent Cinema Office.

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