Commissioned Writing

Past examples:

On the Scene is a 3 part series looking at the importance of style to Black British women in music subcultures. Britain is often considered the home of subcultures such as Mod, Punk, Skinhead, Goth and Grime that have spread across the globe. On the Scene is being developed by Chardine Taylor-Stone in collaboration with Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, for their exhibition AFRICA FORECAST: Fashioning Contemporary Life  


Diva Magazine
Singing Their Praises: Celebrating LGBTQ women of colour for Black History Month


Black Girl’s Picnic: A movement in collective self-care


The Roundhouse
Punk gave me the confidence as a Black woman to break the mould


Punk.London Fanzine
Interview with photographer Gavin Watson
13336115_10156914148365104_2359504364763921813_n 13312648_10156914148675104_2175935596658030344_n

Tom Tom Magazine

The Guardian
Afrofuturism: where space, pyramids and politics collide

Media Diversified
Where are the Black Women in Science Fiction?

HoldFast Magazine
Breaking through the Silence: Searching for Black female experiences in Speculative Fiction
Dear Octavia Butler…..

Museum of Soho
A Short History of Soho’s Club Culture
Displayed on the Crossrail hoardings on Old Compton street20150309_121109


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